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The New Meat (born June 13, 1979),[1] also known as Agouti-Rex and Galago (real name Mike Rosen),[2] is an artist and writer who lives in California, USA.[3] He is married to artist MoodyFerret. Analyzing and reviewing comics is his most known online hobby.

Fandom involvement[edit]

The New Meat co-hosts the internet comedy podcast, SHOW, with Aurelina, and he was a forum moderator and article contributor for the now defunct furry critic site, Crush Yiff Destroy.


As Agouti-Rex, he has created comics that satirize other webcomics and furry culture. He has written and illustrated a number of these, most notably Murry Purry Fresh and Furry.

Other webcomics include Witchprickers and Guttersnipe.


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