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Age of Evolution was a roleplaying MUCK with a "futuristic, post apocalyptic" setting "where mankind's tinkering with human nature has resulted in a genetic split between machine and animal."[1] The MUCK was taken down for reconstruction in July 2008, and was never relaunched.


  • Loki - Head Wiz, Wiki-person
  • Gallows - Head wiz, plotting, character gen
  • Asrohc
  • Hito - Lead Programmer[2]
  • Idrissa - Building, descing, and general help


Races include The Enhanced, humans "able to use man-made enhancements that replace or improve structures of the human anatomy"; and the Rejected, unable to use those enhancements, who have "have endured a backwards evolution of the human body over the past few thousand years, and have subsequently taken on the characteristics of the animal kingdom." Each Rejected has two forms, one "relatively humanoid", while their "second form is one of two options: A Rejected can shape shift into a were-form (think modern day werewolf), or into a full animal form."There is also "a dwindling race" of the Pure, who do not "any enhancements or abilities like the Enhanced or Rejected".[3]


The rules of Age of Evolution prohibit illegal activities, harassment, twinking, and TinySex, although it is "perfectly acceptable to allude to sexual acts or describe them using 'soft' language if they are vital to character or plot development".[4] Alternative characters beyond six per player and "must be approved by the entire Wizstaff and the requesting player must have a very good reason". A player is not allowed to be a leader of more than one faction, nor "be head of a faction two generations in a row".[4]


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