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Aeth Wolf (born November 27, 1985) is a wolf fur residing in Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA. He is currently (April 2007) attending ETSU where he majors in Computer Science.

History Within the Fandom[edit]

Aeth first discovered the furry fandom back in August 2002 while trying to find online games, which led him to Furcadia. He was initially drawn in by sheer curiousity as to what this whole "furry" thing was about. Initially, he played a horse, but, in December of 2002, he began playing a wolf character and something just "clicked", and the character felt right for him to play. He then spent a few months reading up on wolves, totems, and the like before making his official entrance into the fandom.

In late January 2003, Aeth posted his first furvey to and began using that moment as a marker for his official entry into the fandom. His experiences with the fandom at this time were mostly limited to that newsgroup, the associated IRC channel on FurNet, and Furcadia.

Several months later, his family lost their internet connection and did not regain it for approximately a year. Furs local to him were scarce, so his interactions with the fandom were scaled back considerably. He mostly just read up on furry comics while using his high school's net connection.

Oddly enough, it was during this time that he first uploaded the earliest version of his website to Furnation. The inspiration for doing so was the fluctuating block of the entire Furnation site by the school's web filter. He got a slight thrill out of updating the site on the days he was actually able to connect to Furnation.

In early May 2004, Aeth opened up his LiveJournal account. This provided him with greater access to the furry community as a whole. He began making attempts to find those he knew from as well as meeting new furs.

From 2004 through 2005, Aeth began blending his love of classic rock with his fursona, essentially redesigning the whole character. As he describes it, "This new version is slightly less generic than the old version."

In 2006, he attended his first convention, Mephit Furmeet X. He thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend and can not wait to go to another convention.


Aeth, the character, is currently a mostly generic anthropomorphic grey wolf with long black hair frequently seen sporting classic rock t-shirts and jeans.

In the beginning, Aeth was originally a wolftaur prince with a bad backstory involving treachery and the like who got his name from the human having been in the middle of compiling a 15 page essay on Anglo-Saxon Britain ("Aeth" being a shortened version of "Aethelfrith").

After several months of thinking Aeth was terrible as a character, Aeth (the human) changed Aeth into a generic, moderately buff grey wolf. This form lasted up until the current version of Aeth was conceived.

In 2004, Aeth was revamped to be much more like the player, which included a heavy penchant for classic rock. The character was given a collar and his generic t-shirt or vest was replaced with an AC/DC t-shirt. This appearance has remained mostly unchanged to this date, save for the ignoring of the collar and the addition of a denim jacket.

Around 2005/2006, one last change was made to Aeth. He was given a career as a minor rock star who plays mostly covers of existing songs. So far, Aeth (the player) has only written three stories showing off this career.

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