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Aerusale S. Phox jr. by Ropii?

Aerusales S. Phox, aka Jones, Aeris J.P. Sora Nonsavy, or Johnny Kakushido, is a red-eyed male fox with purple fur. Aerusales is an artist who has previously been accused of art theft

Personal facts[edit]

Aerusales registered on Fur Affinity in 2007 under the username AerusalesPhox. In 2008, another account was created, under the name Aerusalesphoxjr.[1] AerusalesPhox claimed this account belonged to his son; however it appears that the account is his own, and the two are the same person. The AerusalesPhox account has since been abandoned.

He used to be now known as Zade-Cathedral which can be confirmed on his 6th FA page due to having it writen as his "youtube account".


Aerusalesphoxjr once registered to VGcats forums but was attacked and then falsely banned 4 years later by every member of the site. Aerusale evaded using the name Zydrate but was banned the following week. Aerusale has abandoned all his old characters and constently makes new accounts (mostly by accident) with the name of his next character. Aerusale lies about his real name but on Facebook he claimed to be named Jean Prawstine Rippler, his lesbian sister's last name is different though so this may be false as well. Any other info can only be confirmed if asking Zade Cathedral for he doesn't want false information written down on his Wikifur.


(all these characters are now unused except for deidaeru who is now Zadeinxax Triphazard) Aerusales Phox's character is a powerful king on a planet called Luniacaron, in a universe based on Nintendo games. He is portrayed as an evil (yet unused) character of the webcomic VG Cats who is related to Aeris, despite not being a cat.[citation needed]

He also has several other characters: Ichigo Giygas, Deidaeru Triphazard, Trip, Lina, and a Smorg anthromorph named Soundtrack.

Ichigo Giygas is designed to have parts of famous video memes of final bosses like Flandre Scarlet's jewel wings. He is a Red Foxmorphed Apple, his hair makes him look like a strawberry, and his jacket is black with red markings. In Aerusales' characters' world, Ichigo is described as the true embodiment of crimson evil. He is believed to be from another universe, but has the exact same DNA as Aerusale's entire royal family, Deidaeru Triphazard, Soundtrack, and the Smorg experiments called Androse Dolls.

Deidaeru Triphazard is an extremely shy character. He is afraid of herms, even though he is one himself. Ichigo is always teasing him to do sexual things, which makes him very uncomfortable. Dei wears a purple shirt with sleeves ripped off, a striped yellow and orange longsleeved underjacket, and green-blueish emo pants with striped black socks. His girlfriend Lina can't tell the difference between him and Trip.

Trip is Dei's body double and exact opposite of him. Trip is extremely sexual and always carries a rave stick. He sometimes wears a black leather ninja suit with a black leather skirt. Both Dei and Trip have neon green beads replacing their eyebrows and both go out with Lina, though she does not notice it.

Lina is the girlfriend of both Deidaeru Triphazard and Trip. She cannot tell the two apart and does not know she is dating more than one person.

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