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Aelius' current fursona.

Aelius, is a furry artist, writer, and Christian Fur from Georgia, U.S.A. He created a webcomic, Jewel Vixens, and was its chief writer/editor. He's also been published in ROAR and Inhuman Acts.

Aelius is an avid fan of comics and artwork, originally discovering Extinctioners, Gold Digger, Havoc Inc., and the works of Paul Kidd as his introduction into the furry fandom. He also enjoys video games across a variety of genres.

As a writer, he began early on with Extinctioners fanfics, and later collaborated with other writers on various projects before establishing his own characters and worlds. His current published writing credits include two comic stories in the first two issues of Extinctioners: Tales of the Endangered (the first of which he also penciled). He was also featured in the self-published novel Obsidian Road, which contains three short stories written by himself, Joshua the Samurai, and the Tomcat centering on their own Kapar Saga. Aelius' is the third story in the book, The Man With No Soul. He was later published in Inhuman Acts with his story, Guardian Angels. Afterwards, his story, Lucid was featured in ROAR, vol. 8. He is also working on a number of personal novels featuring the characters shown in his art galleries.


As a character, Aelius's fursona starred in Joshua The Samurai's role-playing story series, Bambi's Bamboo Bar, where his appearance was of his original wolf fursona. His personality remained moderately true to his real self, but his profession involved teaching Kung Fu at a local Shaolin Dojo in Chicago along with Joshua's own fursona-turned-character. Within this storyline, he later had an "adopted fraternal twin brother" who happened to be the characterization of his second fursona, a fennec fox named Kaili.

Kaili was a fennec fox character created by Aelius that served as an "alternate" fursona, showing Aelius' more energetic side. Aelius later deemed the fennec fox as his new fursona, being more in line with how he had grown as a person since discovering the furry fandom. Joshua the Samurai took a particular liking to the character after he was introduced to the Bamboo Bar series, and included him in his Venus Saga storyline as a rival to Magnus Mangreer the arctic fox for the affections of Tika Korwyn.

Presently, Aelius's fursona has changed once again to that of a leucistic river otter, representing further development as a person and growing within the fandom.

Story Settings[edit]

Aelius has created a number of settings in which his stories, both current and future, take place. Most prominent is that of his "Auran" setting, a millennia-spanning fantasy wherein anthropomorphic denizens of the sister planets Raikonia and Malivia develop supernatural talents granted by a mysterious Aura, believed to have originated from divine beings from beyond the stars. People who chose to use their special powers benevolently are known as Sages, charged with the protection of innocent life against supernatural threats. The setting is split between the Ancient period, which follows a sword-and-sorcery theme, and the modern period, which fits more in line with superhero-styled works.

He is also working on a sword-and-sand fantasy story called Serenity's Edge, featuring a protagonist built from his former fursona, Kaili the fennec fox. Here, Kaili al-Saphim struggles to fight for his freedom under an oppressive warlord, who employs a deadly bodyguard named Ïsara Aiazen to thwart the fennec.

Another setting, the world of "Aetherfox," is a science-fantasy, punk-styled adventure featuring another fennec, Ellie Khaliko. Above a barren planet wounded by war, a civilization of foxfolk struggle to make a way of life among three terraformed moons holding the last remnants of civilization. Protecting this fragile society are a league of elite battlemages called the ARC Knights, sole wielders of the mystical energy known as Aether that grants them amazing power. The newest inductee in this esteemed Knighthood is Ellie Khaliko, a.k.a. Dame Sahara, who stumbled upon a vast corporate conspiracy mere days into her induction and is faced with the threat the war that drove civilization from their home planet reigniting.

Aelius' latest setting is that of New Atlantis. This is a world where technology has fused with what could only be described as "spirit magic." Out in the uncharted wilderness one will find unblemished beauty and unfathomable mystery as elements of nature is found to possess strange ancient circuitry that hints that whatever came before still has secrets to tell. A group of researchers hailing from the titular city explore the wilds and learn more of the Old World that fell away to make way for the one they now call home. It is described as a naturist, solarpunk neo-fantasy setting.

These settings presently exist in the form of artwork and short stories submitted to Aelius' galleries on FurAffinity, deviantArt, and SoFurry, and novels of the stories in full are in progress.

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