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Kaili, Aelius's "alternate" fursona, showing off his physique.
Kaili and his Wind Swords.

Aelius (real name Nick Hardin; born 1983), is a furry artist, writer, and Christian Fur from Georgia, U.S.A. He created a webcomic, Jewel Vixens, and is its chief writer/editor.

Aelius is an avid fan of comics and artwork (with Extinctioners, Gold Digger, and Havoc Inc. rounding out his favorite comics), as well as the works of Paul Kidd, and also enjoys video games (most notably the popular ones, such as Halo, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ecco the Dolphin) As a writer, Aelius has plans to some day complete a number of written works, but admits that he has a major problem with procrastination.

Though he has written a number of Extinctioners fanfics, his current published writing credits include two comic stories in the first two issues of Extinctioners: Tales of the Endangered (the first of which he also penciled). He is also to be featured in the novel Obsidian Road, which contains three short stories written by himself, Joshua the Samurai, and the Tomcat centering on the Kapar Saga. Aelius's is the third story in the book, The Man With No Soul. He is also working on a personal novel featuring the Auran characters shown in his art galleries.

Although he used to be seen as a wolf, he's rather eclectic about his tastes in animals, and admits to having multiple alternate fursonas such as a dolphin and horse. Even so, he says that he's most comfortable represented as one, a fennec, and chose it to be his main fursona. He's also tried to maintain a unique appearance in hopes of standing out among all the fennec fox fursonas out there, and on each side of his face he has black lightning streaks that run from his eyes to his neck. His appearance isn't exactly notorious, but quite unique as far as many species go (and according to his friend and fellow artist Julie Wondra, a bit frustrating to draw right).


As a character, Aelius stars in Joshua The Samurai's story series, Bambi's Bamboo Bar, where his appearance is of his older wolf fursona and his personality remains moderately true to his real self, but his profession involves teaching Kung Fu at a local Shaolin Dojo in Chicago along with Joshua's own fursona-turned-character. Within this storyline, he also has an "adopted fraternal twin brother" (who happens to be the characterization of his fennec fursona) named Kaili and a bunny friend named Melon, who harbors a secret crush on him. Unfortunately, poor Aelius is too dense to realize this while at the same time having his own secret crush on one of Melon's friends and co-workers, Aurelia Wolphex.


Kaili is a fennec fox character created by Aelius and serves as an "alternate" fursona, showing Ael's more energetic side. As a character, Kaili is also the "twin brother" of Aelius in the role play series, Bambi's Bamboo Bar. (He has appeared in the private RP chats between Aelius and Joshua the Samurai but he's yet to appear in the actual Bamboo Bar story.)

Kai has a number of interesting traits that Aelius admitted he sometimes wished he himself had, including a more out-going personality and a more slender, lithe body. Kaili also has a unique fascination with body jewelry, which shows in the various gold ring piercings he has (so far, four have been confirmed - one in each ear and both his nipples pierced - though there's always the possibility of more) and the gold necklace and armbands he wears.

After a bit more development of character, Kaili was recently found to be an amazing swordsman, using twin wind swords in a special style of martial weapon arts called the "Xi'Kar Inverted Wave Sword Style" Wind swords get their name from the special ceramic material that takes up the rear half of the blades and has various holes dotted along them. (The blades are still flat enough to slice like a regular sword.) The holes would give the swords a "singing" sound when swung. Wind swords were originally used as a ceremonial weapon; Kaili is one of the few who are trained to use them as weapons of war. The fighting style itself normally involves holding the swords inverted and throughout the entire fight, keeping the weapons between their wielder and the opponent the entire time. Masters of this style are virtually untouchable because of this.

Joshua the Samurai took a particular liking to the character after he was introduced to the Bamboo Bar, and is considering including him in his Venus Saga storyline as a rival to Magnus Mangreer the arctic fox for the affections of Tika Korwyn.

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