Adventures of the Swamp Fox

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Adventures of the Swamp Fox is a web comic that will follow the exploits of the Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion. The series is heavily based on the historical events surrounding the Swamp Fox’s actions in the conflict between the years 1780-1795. Animals portray the varying characters of the story in an attempt to resemble their key attributes and make them visually more interesting. The series will be loosely based on the independently published graphic novel, Swamp Fox: Birth of a Legend. The events that occur within this story are briefly referred to in the new series, and the incidents and designs therein are retconned, as to refresh the overall tone of the stories. This decision also serves as a way to reintroduce the series to veteran readers, while making it wholly accessible to new readers as well.

Series Premise[edit]

Adventures of the Swamp Fox will be a series of children books that will follow Francis Marion’s exploits throughout the Revolutionary War. Many of his actions in the conflict took place between the years 1780-1795. The Swamp Fox used unconventional guerrilla tactics to disrupt enemy supply lines. He was extremely successful in thwarting capture and took full benefit of his knowledge of the swamps of South Carolina to exasperate the British efforts against the continental forces. The reader will follow the Swamp Fox from his meager beginnings as an elusive and cunning soldier to becoming a legendary General in the Continental army. They will meet historical figures such as Nathaniel Greene, Daniel Morgan and General Cornwallis. They will discover the awesome conflict between the British and Continental forces in such epic battles as Charleston, Georgetown and Cowpens. They will follow the Swamp Fox in his ongoing struggle against the British Tories and Tarleton’s Dragoons. This series is a predicted ten books long and will cover the personal, patriotic, military and heroic aspects of one of the greatest characters of the War for Independence. Adventures of the Swamp Fox will be an entertaining and enlightening retelling of the events of the Revolutionary War.

Target Audience[edit]

Adventures of the Swamp Fox is intended to appeal both in artistic style and storytelling to middle readers (Ages 7-13).

Creative Team[edit]

Jonathan Myers

Jonathan is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator. He has done work for Z-Man Games, Bawn Shaunts Design Studio and Barnett Works. He is the creator, writer and character artist for Adventures of the Swamp Fox.

Lola Myers

Lola is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College and has a Master’s Degree in Commercial Art. She is the editor and a background artist for Adventures of the Swamp Fox.

Michael Sturgulewski

Michael is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. He has done work for various companies including Bawn Shaunts Design Studio. He is the letter, layout designer and a background artist for Adventures of the Swamp Fox.

Principal Characters[edit]

Swamp Fox/Francis Marion

Francis Marion is the heroic leader of the patriot militia known as the Bushwhackers. He knows all the swamps of the Santee Valley like the back of his paw. He is a cunning soldier and a seasoned veteran of guerrilla warfare. He is a handsome red fox who chooses his words carefully. He is slow to wrath, but quick to action. He is known as the legendary Swamp Fox to his adversaries, and is respected as an elusive tactician. Marion’s goal is to bring the war in the south to a swift conclusion, while sparing as many lives on both sides as is possible.

Mary Videau

Mary Videau is the fairest vixen in the Santee Valley. She is also the apple of the Swamp Fox’s eye. She frequently assists him with favors that help enable his missions against the British. Mary hopes to see a swift end to the war and wed her beloved patriot.


Oscar is the Swamp Fox’s best friend and the narrator of his stories. He is a crow who fancies playing the banjo. He is also a faithful soldier in the Swamp Fox’s Bushwhacker unit. Oscar prides himself as a storyteller and happily writes lyrics to balladeer in the heat of battle.

Horry Brothers

Pete and Hugh Horry are the Swamp Fox’s right and left paw. They help carry out his orders to the Bushwhackers, to enact against the British. The only thing these two lynx like to do more than fighting Red coats is fighting with each other. The Horry Brothers are effective leaders and excellent soldiers. They’re in no hurry to see the war end as they are enjoying their roles as patriots.

Johnny James

Johnny James is the wise and gentle natured sergeant of Swamp Fox’s Bushwhackers. He is a coati with a keen attention to detail. His focus is to disrupt the Red Coat’s progress in the war, but more importantly he seeks to keep his soldiers alive.

Colonel Banastre Tarleton

Colonel Banastre ‘Bloody Ban’ Tarleton is the ruthless and crafty leader of the elite Dragoon Cavalry. He will stop at no lengths to crush the colonial rebellion in the south. He is the dreaded nemesis of the Swamp Fox, and is feared by all in the Santee Valley. Tarleton is a masterful strategist and a respected officer in the British Army.

Captain John Ball

Captain John Ball is the gentlemanly and disciplined leader of the Tory units under Britain’s command. He respects the loyalist soldiers under his command and relies on their knowledge of the Santee Valley. His primary goal is to capture the Swamp Fox and find his legendary head quarters, Snows Island.