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Finn and Jake.
Finn and Marceline running with some wolves.

Adventure Time is a American cartoon series produced by Cartoon Network since 2010. The animation contains a large number of anthropomorphic characters, mainly talking animals, as is the case of the protagonist Jake the Dog. Other parts of the furry interest are the fact that the protagonist Finn wearing a hat with bear ears, as well as inclusion of fictitious and cross animal species such as the Rainicorn. Became very popular in the early 2010s alongside the other cartoons as My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Regular Show.


The show takes place on an island called The Land of OOO in a alternate universe, where the planet Earth has been changed by a global war that ended in a huge explosion 1000 years prior. During this time many talking animals, magical creatures and animated objects appeared in different realms. The protagonist is a human boy named Finn who wears a hat with ears and was adopted by a couple of anthropomorphic dogs when he was a baby. During most of history Finn is considered the only human in existing OOO, living to fight monsters and bestial creatures (mostly with aspects of animals) beside his foster brother Jake, a anthro dog with the elastic powers.


Main cast[edit]

  • Finn, the human boy and main hero.
  • Jake, the dog Finn's sidekick.
  • Marceline, a demonic vampire. She has the ability to turn into a giant bat.
  • Ice King, a ice humanoid (later revealed be formerly human) that is ruler of an army of anthropomorphic penguins and his made Ice Kingdom.
  • Lady Rainicorn, the Jake's wife. She is a crusader unicorn with a rainbow.
  • Princess Bubblegum, the Lady Rainicorn's owner and leader of Candy Kingdom.

Supporting characters[edit]

  • Tree Trunks, a small elephant
  • Gunther, a penguin Ice King's henchmen.
  • Flambo, a fire cat.
  • Snail, a background character.
  • Joshua and Margaret, the Jake's parents.
  • Party Gog, a giant floating wolf head.
  • Mr. Pig, the Tree Trunks's spouse. He is a pig.
  • Jake Jr., Viola, Charlie, TV and Kim Kil Whan, Jake and Lady's kids. Are first dog/rainicorn hybrids of their kind.


Jake and Samantha.
  • Human - A race thought to be extinct in OOO put coming more critically endangered as series progress, with the exception of Finn who is the main protagonist, addition to its counterpart Fionna. And later other alive humans were found later seasons like Finn's real father Martin Mertens and Ice King ex-fiancée Betty Grof who was taking from Past via Time Portal prior lost their identities as humans overtime.
  • Dog - A race rarely seen in the series, which highlights the protagonist Jake and his family.
  • Candy People - A race of anthropomorphic creatures candy-like governed by Princess Bubblegum.
  • Rainicorn - Similar to a unicorn with long body to a rainbow-like.
  • Wolf - A wild race very common in the Land of OOO. They have variations of subspecies as Fire Wolves, Wolf Men, Why-wolves, and Hug Wolves.
  • Penguin - Servants of the Ice King living in the Ice Kingdom.
  • Cat - Kind of Cake, the female counterpart of Jake.
  • Dragon - A recurring species in OOO.

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