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Adrian Mishamura (born February 7, 1990) is a furry born in Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A.. He moved to Dayton, Ohio sometime before he turned 12. He then moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Adrian has been with the fandom before he even knew about it. Adrian first entered the furry fandom as a Digimon known as Guilmon and would actively take part in conversations on the Digimon TCG Forums which are no longer existent. Adrian was a student at ITT Technical Institute for Graphic design, but he dropped out due to moving away from Ohio.


Adrian's fursona is a silver wolf. He stands at six foot one inch and has a very slender built body. His fur is rather soft and silky fur and that is the way he likes it. Adrian also has another fursona which he has named Trowa. Trowa is a gray husky with blue eyes that seem to shine in the moon light. Trowa is the same height as Adrian's main fursona.

Furry Family[edit]

David Windlow, Splinterpaw Wycliffe, Sly Solo, and Jacob Moon Isaksson are his sons. Skippy Hyena is his grandson,

Second Life[edit]

Adrian Lekach is the name of his avatar on Second Life. He can more than often be found hanging around Navora and or Midgar respectively since they both involve one of his hobbies.


Adrian's usual activities consist of playing video games and his preferred system is the Playstation 3. His PSN name is AdrianMishamura. He also plays a lot of games on Steam (Steam name Adrianfolf), hanging out with friends both online and in real life. He also tends to various types of music on either one of his computers unless the game he is playing on his PS3 is able to do so.

DJing career[edit]

Adrian started off DJing at The Yiff Factory commonly know as TYF, but things started going down hill and he left. He was employed at The International Yiff Center in Second Life and was there for quite sometime but has since lost his love for it

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