Admiral Akhlut

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A drawing of Fenrir, Admiral Akhlut's primary fursona.

Admiral Akhlut is a furry artist who lives in Michigan, USA.[1]

Furry activities[edit]

Admiral Akhlut is the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Artist". This is a purely ironic claim, as he mainly draws stick figures. He also moderates the /r/furry Discord server.[citation needed]


Admiral Akhlut's primary fursona is Fenrir. Fenrir is an akhlut, a wolf/orca shapeshifter. He utilizes moon magic to shift between forms and control water.

He also has some other fursonas. They are Umbra, a Egyptian fruit bat/Anubian jackal, Quetzalta, a Quetzalcoatl naga (snake-bird), and an unnamed spider-sona.


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