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Adelto (born August 18, 2000) is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in British Columbia, Canada. His fursona is a bernese mountain dog.[1] Adelto is primarily known as an artist (both within the fandom and outside it.) Adelto has been drawing furry characters since he was 8 years old, but didn't learn what they were until about 13, when he joined the fandom.

He is partners with Sora the Tiger as of November 2016.

Personal Life and Other Characters[edit]

Adelto's owner and creator is Tobi, a transmale and large part of the LGBT community. They started out as a brony, and fell into the furry fandom from their love of animals and attempting to draw human-esque bodies.

Adelto is one of many furry characters belonging to the artist peppertomb, or Tobi. Along with the hybrid, peppertomb has a wide array of characters (some based on old Webkinz) including

  • Fernhaven,Permafrost, and Darude - his three DutchADs.
  • Church and Eddie, two snowy owl brothers based off Red vs Blue characters.
  • Peppermint the Peppermint Puppy (based off the Webkinz by the same name).
  • Peppertomb a corgi.
  • Dojah a hippie goat.
  • and many more.


Adelto has attended:


Adelto's hobbies include music and movies, drawing, cooking, dancing and acting, fantasy ( Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time), mystery (Sherlock, Riverdale), cartoons (Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman) and fursuiting.


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