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Adcro by Muzz
Adcro's fursuit, constructed by Squire

Adcro Ash (born February 24, 1984),[1] or just Adcro, is a fursuiter who lives in Horwich, Bolton, Greater Manchester, England.[2] His species is "Sabertooth Liger".[3]

Adcro lives with Squire, to whom he has been married (via civil partnership) since 2009. They have been together since 2002.

Adcro's fursuit was constructed by Squire.[4]

Adcro is the organiser of the MancFurs "Tea Room Crawl", which occurs twice a year. During this event, Adcro leads a group of Manchester-based furries around several Tea Rooms in Manchester City Centre. This event was based on a similar event started by Lupestripe in York.


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