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Dicelion, also known as Achondrite, Tealizard, FuzzyDicey, Kasai, k454i, and Dunaerin, is an artist from Canada who specializes in anthropomorphic and fantasy art (both digital and traditional). He specialized in doing pinup and fetish work, and works as a freelance artist.

He represents himself with a dragon and quilin-like chimera of moose, rattlesnake, leopard seal, theropod and crocodile, which is named Canyon, as well as a snow-leopard herm-taur named Dice.

Achondrite cites his artistic inspirations as varied, although he has been inspired by Kyoht, sSirrus, and other artists. His non-adult art tended to lean towards dinosaur or fantasy subject matter, while his adult art was mainly anthropomorphic.


In August of 2010 Kora_Atlass posted to the popular LiveJournal community Artists Beware describing a transaction between herself and Achondrite, in which Achondrite had accepted a commission for the sum of $450.00USD for 10 sketches, and another $450.00USD to have those same sketches inked. According to Kora, she received 3 of the agreed upon sketches and was refunded $275.00USD, and another $125.00USD at the time of the posting to Artists Beware.[1]

According to Kora, when pressed about the commission Achondrite became hostile and then began threatening her and making claims of harassment, and then finally stated that because of this harassment he would not complete the transaction. At the time of the Artists Beware posting Achondrite did comment on the post, but subsequently returned and deleted all comments and was in the end banned from the community for violating the rules set forth in the community's charter.

When this post came to light, several other past commissioners of Achondrite came forward and described much the same behavior and also supported that they, too, never received their full commission and claimed that Achondrite became hostile toward them when they questioned his actions.[2]

At this time, Kora has still not notified Artists Beware that she has received a refund nor the sketches for this commission.

Fur Affinity[edit]

In 2008 September, Achondrite posted that he wouldn't "be returning to Fur affinity or anywhere else."[3] citing the reason as being unhappy with his work, and wanting to take time to work more of a personal style into his artwork, as well as referencing issues with administration and "how things are ran" on the site. As of 2013, Achondrite has returned to Furaffinity under the name Dicelion, though also posts on a variety of other accounts as well.

In his time on Furaffinity, he has had many accounts on the site including but not limited to: Achondrite, Averi, Canyon, Chaimeleon, DiceAdopt, Dicelion, DiceFuzz, Dunaerin, K454i, Leopardus, MarmaladeTiger, Svetlana, and Tealizard.

In January of 2014, Achondrite disclosed that he had further made other accounts on Fur Affinity under the name "Tentacleface", and then later disclosed on his profile page, "I have moved to Weasyl. I no longer feel comfortable on this website, due to the attitude and dismissive nature of the staff to serious issues, the lies, the secrecy and the lack of transparancy. There has been a hueg disrespect to victims of sexual harrassment and abuse, which only tips the scale of the absolute disgust I have for Fur Affinity."

Achondrite's user name on Weasel is Dice and Tentacleface.


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