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Diadexxus (Jen; born January 20, 1971)[1] is a female fursuiter who lives in San Jose, California, USA.[1] Her usual fursona is a winged white tiger.

Diadexxus joined furry fandom in 2000, and her first furry convention was Further Confusion in 2001. She has been to many other conventions including BayCon, SiliCon, Anthrocon, MFF, Califur, and Conifur. She has often appeared in one of her fursuits:

Diadexxus enjoys sewing costumes, going to Ren Faires, science fiction conventions, painting miniatures, and collecting dragon art and statuettes. She is also a member of Critters by the Bay.


Her first furry convention was Further Confusion 2001, though she has attended science fiction conventions such as BayCon and SiliCon since 1988.

Diadexxus has attended:


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