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Abe Groter (born 1982) is a former furry artist who was active in the fandom between 1997 to 2004, during the height of the Burned Fur involvement with the furry fandom. A prolific and talented 15 year old artist at the time he started, by many public accounts of the era, specifically alt.fan.furry, he had an account on Yerf from February 5, 2001 to June 22, 2004, and briefly attended ConFurence 8.

Fandom disinvolvement[edit]

By the late 1990s, Abe Groter had withdrawn from public furry view, although he continued working on his furry art. On a discussion on alt.fan.furry, Rebecca Gallant commented that, althought he continued to draw for the fun of it, he had grown afraid of the fandom because of "us." [1] While there was some debate about who "us" were, Burned Furs offered the "allegation" that people drawing adult art, or Spooge-Mongers, and fanboys were the people behind the "us" moniker[2]

He is briefly mentioned in the Burned Furs' "A Modest Proposal"[3] essay by Squee Rat when Burned Fur initially came online, implying he stopped all association with furry fandom due to its "alleged" bad image:

Abe Groter
A lot of cool people have dropped out of furriness altogether, rather than be associated with or pressured by these nutballs. (I STILL miss Abe Groter. Agony, agony...)
Abe Groter

Eventually, all contact with Abe Groter was lost by all parties by late 2004.


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