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Aatheus' fursona

Aatheus, or Jeff, is a fur located in sunny San José, California, U.S.A. An Undergraduate student at San José State University, Aatheus has been involved in furry fandom to varying degrees since 2001. His furry persona is a winged centaur, or alicentaur.

Aatheus founded FurBid around 1999, running it until 2004, when he passed FurBid over to Ayukawataur.

In his spare time, Aatheus publishes the centaur art and story zine Herd Mentality.

His interests include computers, programming, and technology; amateur radio; furry fandom; and Science Fiction, Fantasy and anime.


Aatheus regularly attends Further Confusion and (beginning in 2005) Anthrocon. Funds and time constraints have limited him to primarily California cons, but this may change in the future. He has volunteered at conventions.

Aatheus has co-led a Furry Ham Radio panel at Further Confusion since 2004 or 2005, introducing new folks to Amateur Radio and providing a forum for furry hams.

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