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A Very Puzzled Shark , or just Puzzle , also known as Kai (born October 29, 2004), is a fursuiter, fursuit maker, YouTuber, and TikTok user who lives in Albany, Oregon, USA.


Puzzle originally joined Musical.ly (now TikTok) from a recommendation from a friend. His first Musical.ly account was @springtraprocks until he got a new phone, and had to create a new one, @springtrapvincent. He then changed again to @ink_sans_the_painter, then finally to @A_Very_puzzled_Shark.


  • Violet - His first suit, Violet, he made himself. he doesn't like it but wouldn't sell it, so he keeps it for keepsakes.
  • SpringTrap - The second suit he made, he's more of a cosplay now.
  • Shark - A white Skulldog with grey stripes, His first actual homemade fursuit. Shark is a half suit. The skull is made by Dreamvisioncreations
  • Spider - A tuxedo cat mini partial made by LavaFox ToyShop. Her name was "N" for quite a while.
  • Serpent - A husky mini partial made by YaBoyLuke.
  • Migraine Another skull but this time a bird with antlers. Her skull, antlers, and hooves were made by DVC, everything else was made by Puzzle.
  • Kaadi - A skull cat. Like the other skulls, this one was made by DVC, and the rest by Puzzle.
  • Inky - A mini partial made by Bodoz0.
  • Puzzle - A head made by Puzzle.
  • Shouta Aizawa - A suit made/inspired by Shouta Aizawa from the anime, My Hero Academia.

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