A Whisper of Wings

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A Whisper of Wings is a novel by Paul Kidd, and was published by Vision Books in 1999 with the ISBN 1887038-04-3.[1] The front and back covers, plus interior illustrations, are by Terrie Smith. The front cover was digitally colored by Eric Blumrich. The back cover was digitally painted at a high level of detail (individual strands of fur) by Vision Books based on the original line illustration.

In 2001, Paul Kidd was flown in from Australia to the U.S.A. and given the opportunity to give a dramatic reading of A Whisper of Wings at the Library of Congress. The event was heavily promoted by the publisher, Vision Books, both by mail and fax. The reading was attended by the public, members of Congress, and a number of Library of Congress Staff.

A Whisper of Wings was "selected for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress". Paul Kidd's website states "Few books make it that far."[2] However, this last statement can be debated, as the library has "more than 17 million books", with an additional "7,000 items [added] per working day". [3]


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