A Taste For Rabbit

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A Taste For Rabbit is an adventure novel by Linda Zuckerman.

From the Inside Cover:

What will hunger drive you to do?

The markets are empty, and the fox citizens in town are desperate. Should Harry the Fox take a job that smells suspicious, for the chance at some money and a rare taste of rabbit?

What is more important than survival?

Rabbits have a well-ordered society of their own now. But recently whole families have disappeared without a trace. The government responds with harsher laws and more restrictions. Quentin the Rabbit hopes it will all go away. But it doesn't.

When should you trust the enemy?

Harry and Quentin both know that something has gone horribly wrong in the forest. With their lives at stake, can they trust each other? Are you safer with the enemy you've just met or the brother you've hated your whole life?

A Taste for Rabbit is a ferocious look at siblings, friendship, the price of honor, and what it means to be . . . human.

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