A Study in Black and White

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A Study in Black and White and Advanced Studies in Black and White are a pair of themed mature-art compilations that were published by SilverFox Publications. The two volumes focused on anthropomorphic animals with black and white coloration (skunks, zebras, white tigers, etc).


Inspiration for the series came after SilverFox read the Sherlock Holmes story A Study in Scarlet (Arthur Conan Doyle, 1887), and thought the title might make a good art theme. After considering the relatively few species with scarlet coloration, the theme evolved to A Study in Black and White.

A Study... was published in 1997, and the popularity of the project was such that it was followed up by Advanced Studies in Black and White.


Artists whose work features in the series include Gary Akins Jr, Brom Bear, David Bliss, Sandra Bong, Joyceanna Brock, Dennis Clark, Steve D. Corbett, Bernard Doove, Fennec, Foxy!, Mark Fried, James Hardiman, Bryon Havranek, Zephery Hughes, Dean A. Johnson, Marc "Waccoon" Leville, Chris Maikisch, Oscar Marcus, Matt McAndrews, Annette C. Miller, Brian L. Miller, Robert Newell, CK Penchant, Roy Plamann, Jim Price, Albert M. Rainwater, Mike Reed, Chris Sawyer, Bill Schmickle, Terrie Smith, Sean Wilkinson, Lance Williams, and Tanamin Wingate.

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