A Story of the Stone Age

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A Story of the Stone Age is a short story written between May and September 1897 by H.G. Wells, author of The War of the Worlds.

The story is unusual for H.G. Wells by the number of animal characters present within the story, as well as the degree of anthropomorphism within the story that provides some appeal to furries.


The story takes place in 50,000 BC during the Palaeolithic era, somewhere in England. The story follows Ugh-lomi, a primitive man who is hunted from the tribe, accompanied by a woman named Eudena. In hiding, Ugh-lomi fashions the first axe, and after several adventures through a countryside roaming with wild animals and other dangers, is able to take his place as leader of the tribe.


Human characters[edit]

  • Ugh-lomi - the protagonist, he is driven from the tribe into the wilderness, but fashions several weapons to return and take his place as leader of the tribe.
  • Eudena - a woman of the tribe who follows Ugh-lomi into exile and nurses him when he is wounded.
  • Uya the Cunning - the leader of the tribe who forces Ugh-lomi into exile. He is killed by Ugh-lomi shortly after.
  • The Old Woman - a strange old woman in the tribe who elects herself leader after the death of Uya. She is a fanaticist, who bullies the tribe into worshipping Uya the Lion, but is later killed by a flock of vultures.
  • Wau - the tribal flint knapper killed by Ugh-lomi.
  • Irk - brother of Wau, killed by Uya the Lion.
  • Irm - son of Irk and nephew of Wau, killed by Uya the Lion.
  • Siss the Tracker - an unwilling servant of the Old Woman, killed by Ugh-lomi.
  • Wau-hau - son of Wau, who takes his place as the tribal flint knapper.

Other tribal members include One-Eye, Bo, Cat's-Skin, Snake, The Snail-Eater, Haha, and Si.

Animal characters[edit]

  • Terror of the Woodshade - a grizzly bear who is feared by all, and chases away anyone who gets too close to his cave.
  • Yaaa the Rhinoceros - a violent, sociopathic rhinoceros, Yaaa is a loner who often bursts into fits of rages for no apparent reason.
  • Andoo - a bear who is fascinated by the humans when they first appear near his home. He is later killed in a landslide.
  • The She-Bear - the unnamed mate of Andoo who does not share his interest in the humans.
  • The Master Horse - one of a group of horses whom Ugh-lomi comes across. He is the leader of the horses, and believes the humans to be an irritating pest.
  • Elder Mare - another horse. She describes the humans as "a sort of river monkey".
  • Second Mare - another horse.
  • Uya the Lion - a lion the tribe mistakes for a reincarnation of Uya, and worship under the guidance of the Old Woman. He is later killed by Ugh-lomi.

Other animals mentioned throughout the story include hyenas, boars, rabbits, red deer, foxes, elephants and vultures.

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