A Furry Future

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A Furry Future
A Furry Future Promo Art.jpg
"Eating with Sticks like Cavemen."
Author(s) Jacob Elmer
Launch date January 2015
End Date October 2019
Genre Black comedy, Gag-a-day

A Furry Future is a webcomic series created by American cartoonist Jacob Elmer. The strips style is leaned more to the Slice of Life category but would often use themes of black comedy as well as fourth wall break humor.


The comic originally appeared on Jacob's DeviantArt account, while he was a senior in high school. The comic's setting was meant to be a joke based around the film Back to the Future Part II on how the future hasn't improved the way people expected it. After gaining a small following it wasn't until 2018 when Jacob decided to start posting the comic on a Tumblr page, hoping to reach a higher audience.


In 2019, Elmer stated that the comic was taking a hiatus and he was planning a reboot of the strip. He has enlisted the help of Jordann Edwards (creator of The Dynamite Twins and Friends) to lay down a new foundation with possible integration. As of 2020 the strip has ended and is has been rebooted under a new title Lookin' Bright


The comic is set in the distant future where the majority of Earth's animals have evolved to become more anthropomorphic and live alongside with humans. It revolves around characters who are either anthropomorphic animals or humans living in Phoenix, Arizona, and dealing with everyday life and/or annoyances.

The comic focuses solely on the character Ricky living in an apartment complex with his friends.