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AOD Enigma's Avatar on Second Life

AOD Enigma (1981-2006) was a furry artist, webmaster and also administrator and founder of FurPleasure. FurPleasure began as the location of his dream for an open furry community in Second Life, where players from all "scenes" could mix freely and relax. He owned FurPleasure for only a small amount of time before its popularity warranted its own sim, this was initially shared with Iyeyasu Muromachi who based his Asian Delight community in the sim before acquiring a dedicated Asian Delight sim. He was also a builder, with some of his items being sold in such external SL sites as SL Boutique. He was also known for his anthro art which was seen at

Health complications[edit]

AOD Enigma passed away on Saturday, October 14th, 2006, after a lifelong battle with a rare lung disease called Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He was 25 years old, giving him the record for time living with the disease at the time of his passing. He was a loving Husband and Father with many talents and interests as stated by his wife in her Obituary to him on VCL.
The notice sent by Furnation of AOD's passing on Second Life.
The First "spontaneous" AOD Enigma Memorial. Showing original mis-dated statue.


A memorial service was set up on AOD's former sim, FurPleasure, starting on October 20, 2006. Friends, well-wishers, and communities left an array of gifts, mementoes, memories, cards, personal notes around the displayed, and now empty, furry avatar of AOD.

The Memorial that was within FP Proteus in Secondlife

Linden Lab helped with the formalities of transferring the ownership to Foxdie Ghia and other founding member Kit Keiko, while condolences were sent to his wife and children via several helpers online. He is sorely missed by many furs and nonfurs on and off Second Life.

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