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The ANZFurzine, or ANZFur, was a furry zine created by Dimruthien VerenLaulaja in September 2007. The first issue was released later that month, and debuted at FurJAM. It went on an apparently permanent hiatus in September 2008.[1]

The aim of the zine was to have a publication that would appeal to furries from all walks of life in Australia and New Zealand (hence the prefix ANZ). Although many said ANZFur would be treading on South Fur Lands's toes, the two zines were different in content. While South Fur Lands is based on a predominantly art and literature content, ANZFur tended to contain the content of a news magazine, such as articles, columns, event calendars and a showcase for up-and-coming Australasian artists and craftspeople.

Copies were AU$4 each. The official IRC channel was #anzfur on FurNet IRC network. Regular staff members were Dimruthien, KazCougar and MeowTuna.


  • 1 - Spring 2007
  • 2 - Summer 2007-08
  • 3 - Autumn 2008
  • 4 - Winter 2008


  1. ANZFurzine - Important News thread at Furstralia

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