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ANTIcarrot is a writer whose work can be found at his page on Fur Affinity or in the files section of The Literary Art House Yahoo group.

He is British, a vegetarian and athiest, and has been attending Londonfurs since he signed up as the third member of the original list, and Eurofurence since 2001. Since 2009 he has also start sketching. He is a qualified engineer and does things like writing orbital reentry simulators for fun. He also believes the comments from enemies can be just as telling (if not more so) than comments from friends.

"ANTI is a halfway decent guy most of the time, but somewhat intolerant and such at times. He also writes. He does halfway decently at that as well. A lot of us have some information to bring in. ANTI is -excellent- at being a source of obscure information that is generally correct. He is intolerant of idiots, however he has been observed to have a very liberal definition of "idiots" at times. He and I have been in a tiff in the past, however I still recognize him as a very intelligent individual who just has some very strong opinions that don't match a lot of others' opinions." - Diyfox[1]

He has been given mild praise on Encyclopedia Dramatica for being honest enough to criticise a very badly writen furry story[2].


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  2. Discribed in detail in the 'Alex Renard Hates Critisism' section of the Alex Raynard page.

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