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AIDES is a French community-based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting those directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS, and to increasing public awareness about the disease.[1] It was set up in 1984 and state-approved in 1990. The organisation's name comes from the French word AIDE, meaning support, and the English word "AIDS". It was founded in 1984 by Daniel Defert following the death of his partner Michel Foucault.

AIDES has initiated several public-awareness programs, utilising posters and videos.[2] Some of these contain anthropomorphic animals.


One AIDES Public Service Announcement, released in 2011, is entitled A Smutley Cartoon - Gettin' Tail, and is a cartoon presented in black and white (with film scratches) and character designs from the 1920's "silent-age of animation". Smutley is an extremely promiscuous, bowtie-wearing cat. To the musical accompaniment of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation, Smutley is shown entering a rough-looking bar called "Furballs". After flipping a coin into a jukebox and attracting the eye of a female turtle, Smutley is shown having sex with her in a run-down bedroom.

As a squirrel turns a crank to advance different scenes from right to left, Smutley is further shown having sex with a rabbit in a sauna, a non-morphic (and possibly non-anthropomorphic) goldfish in an elevator, a dolphin (penetrating its blowhole), three seals in an office typing pool, a pig in a BDSM dungeon, four chickens in a sports locker room (also non-morphic or non-anthro), a vixen in the back of a taxi cab (being driven by a monkey), and an elephant in a public library.

The cartoon ends with a series of title cards warning the viewer: "He's got nine lives", "YOU only have one", "Protect yourself".

The Smutley campaign was created by Los Angeles-based advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.[3]

Welcome to the World of Sex[edit]

Detail from "Welcome to the World of Sex"

Also created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, another 2011 campaign by AIDES was "Welcome to the World of Sex".[4] This was a printed-media campaign, featuring a detailed illustration of a sex-themed amusement park.

One area of the park map appears to depict a number of people in murrsuits having sex. In the French-language version, this area is labelled "La Foret Frivole", which translates as "The Frivolous Forest".[5] In the English-language version of the illustration, this area is labelled the "Enchanted Furry Forest".[4]

This campaign won Silver in the "Public Service - Print" category at the 2011 Clio Awards (an annual award ceremony to reward innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication).[4]


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