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MU Press

MU Press (full Miscellanea Unlimited Press, their most popular standalone imprint being AEON) was one of the most prolific publishers of furry comics, as well as several other non-furry comics.

History and issues[edit]

Formed by Edd Vick in 1991, later joined by Chuck Melville, MU Press has published long-running anthologies such as Zu (19 issues), an all-genre anthology, and Wild Kingdom (16 issues), an adults-only anthology, which later changed names to become just WILD! (15 issues). Other comics published by MU Press include Dwight Decker and Teri S. Wood's sci-fi fantasy Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur, Paul Kidd's Fangs of K'aath, Chuck Melville's Champion of Katara, the first issue of Tales of Beatrix Farmer created jointly by Steve Gallacci and Taral Wayne, SnowBuni and the MechANImoids by Jeffrey H Wood, and Vicky Wyman's Xanadu. It was also the somewhat-infamous publisher of Skunk, way back in 1993.

In September 2005, MUPress announced on that they were ceasing the publication of their adult anthology WILD! due to low sales. Sporadic publishing of graphic novels will continue, and the AEON imprint will continue to publish work by Matt Howarth.


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