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Battery in fursuit holding his toaster

AA Battery, or just Battery (born 1993) is a furry artist and fursuiter from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, and is currently studying Graphic Design. He considers himself a cartoonist and is the creator/artist/writer of the web comic, Journeys. His name originated when he was in middle school and a friend noticed that his first and last name started with the letter "A".

Fandom involvement[edit]


Though Battery calls his fursona a German Shepherd with the pattern of a fox, stating "that he's a German Shepherd who happens to look like a fox." Battery designed his fursona to be just like him IRL, "We are the same, same height, weight, clothing and personality. The only difference is he has a 'functional' time machine toaster." Battery's fursona wears a yellow shirt with a black lightning bolt on it. Both Battery and his fursona's current hair style are a pinkish purple mohawk.

  • Battery's alternative/second fursona is 9 Volt Battery or just 9 Volt. 9 Volt is a ghostly grey clawed version of AA Battery. The character originated when Battery tried to develop a "darker drawing style". Battery states that 9 Volt was created when his fursona went time travelling and accidentally created a clone of himself that became corrupted, died, and came back as a "ghost thing". Battery uses 9 Volt to express his love for horror movies and gore. 9 Volt enjoys candy as well.


Battery owns a fursuit of his fursona that he built himself. He started building it only a week after becoming a furry. He is also currently building a fursuit of his character, 9 Volt.

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