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AARC (Animal Aerospace Recon Commission)
Author(s) K. Derwachter
Launch date October 3, 2015
End Date Ongoing
Genre Space Opera, Humor
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AARC is a comic written by Kenny Derwachter centering around a group of anthropomorphic space mercenaries. Originally, Derwachter illustrated the series herself, but recruited Alessandra Roga in 2015.


A trio of elite space pilots form the Animal Aerospace Recon Commission. They are: "Walkabout" Jack Hogan, a kangaroo and leader of the group. Jack is a smart, capable pilot despite his tendency to drink too much and hop into bed with random strangers (both female and male). Fennec Wildwind, a fennec fox and ace pilot of the group who is quite fond of the ladies. Bullseye, a bull who is the strong, silent type. He has a level head and is often the voice of reason. Bullseye is into men exclusively.

Support crew who aid them on the AARC Cruiser include: Wanda Van Walla, a heavy-set wallaby female who is also a diplomat of sorts. She, like Jack, tends to drink too much. Vincent Firebrandt, a dragon with a knack for technology. He is bisexual but has a preference for men.

At one point, the crew was led by Lana Quadpaw, a feline 'taur who betrayed the AARC crew to Mantos, a manticore who intends to enslave the Leonius System. To aid him, Mantos has also recruited the help of three space pirates: Duke Dingo-Bat, Serena Slither and Kiri Qui-Rin. The trio seems to mirror the talents of the AARC team.


The comic pays tribute to the Nintendo franchise, Star Fox, with the AARC Team being a near-direct counterpart to the game's main heroes. Additionally, the compliment space pirates are a nod to the Star Wolf team. The comic makes various references to the game throughout, especially in dialogue.

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