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Author(s) Founder: MWF (Newsgroup), Racso (Website)

Administrators: Varka, Wilon, Flygon, and HatchlingByHeart Hosting: Varka

Launch date 21 December 1998 - ? (abandoned)

Old AGNPH Archive: 16 March 1999 - 15 June 2000 (designed by Racso)

Coppermine AGNPH Archive: 11 December 2003 - 18 September 2011

Current AGNPH Archive: 31 July 2011 - Present

Genre Mature Gallery and Fiction Host
Censor NC17.png
Screenshot of AGNPH's Gallery (May 29th, 2007)
File:AGNPH Inprov SiteLogo.png
Logo, circa 2007 to 2010 December.

AGNPH is an archive of mature artwork and stories relating to the Pokémon series of video games and television shows. Its name stands for, the newsgroup from which it was originally formed.

As of the 18th November 2010, the gallery contained over 26,200 files in 2568 albums with more than 100,900 comments and a lifetime view count of over 93 million, while the story archive contained the works of 551 authors.

IRC channel[edit]

The #agnph irc channel is currently found on their own network.

#agnph was founded on Undernet in late 1999. In 2000 it was moved to Esper, which would be its "home" for four years. In 2004 the chatroom as well as the website was revived, moving it to Furnet for a short time; by late 2004 the chatroom was moved back to Esper, after Psyco_Charmander managed to obtain founder status from Saber. On July 3, 2005 #agnph was moved from Esper to a home on their own server (, this was later merged with the Veekun IRC server.

Psyco_Charmander was the Network Administrator, inheriting the #agnph channel on Esper from Saber. During November 2010, the IRC channel changed hands to Wilon, and in August 2011, moved from Veekun to their own IRC server ( again alongside joining the UCSN due to technical concerns.


The original AGNPH Archive was proposed to the group on 03/11/99 and first opened on 03/16/99.

The site was created for those who could not access the actual group, as in those early days there were many on AGFFH who could not get there, but wanted to see the images, so the Archive was created for them, as well as for those who could get to the group, but may miss posts for one reason or another.

The Original Archive was designed and maintained solely by Racso.

The Archive was originally created just for the binary posts, but as since become a home to AGNPH's binaries, stories, and even stories and images submitted directly to the site, that never even see the light of the actual group..

It was at this time the admins were looking around for different hosting options. Racso of the original AGNPH archive had gotten in contact with the current operators, offering them not only (they were using .net until now) but also plenty of bandwidth and space to house the quickly growing archive.

After a few days of downtime was finally up and running on new hardware, sporting near a terabyte of free bandwidth to burn. It was at this time the oekaki was put back in the website, drawing a smaller section of users to contribute in a different way.

Now freed from the financial burden of hosting AGNPH was more able to promote the website. Starting with a few small contests ranging from story writing to full art contests the prizes were handed out to anyone who entered and won. Ranging from video games, to iPods, and even Zeta Creations toys the contests were always an attraction to the website.


On March 28, 2005, Something Awful picked up on AGNPH, featuring it on their news-page as an Awful Link of the Day. This caused a very large rush of new users, most of them SA Goons looking to just cause problems within the website. While no damage was really done it did give AGNPH a good amount of free promotion, pushing its bandwidth usage to about 300gb/month.

A period of steady constant growth followed after Something Awful's influx of users. Bringing in new artists and authors the page was soon becoming a well known furry archive, especially when linked from Yiffstar, their biggest referrer to date.

Early 2006 brought another problem to AGNPH. Racso (the current host of AGNPH's server) was having financial problems and let the admins know soon his generous hosting would have to be ending. Letting the community know of the problem the admins advised users save all images and stories they might want, unsure of the future of the website. This of course spiked up the bandwidth usage, causing a flood of users and spiking up the bandwidth usage to its highest peak in 2005. Realizing the site was going to disappear if nothing was done the admins realized he[who?] would have to pick up the bill. In a very smooth transition they moved AGNPH from Racso's server over to his own. Many users were a bit confused and to this date may not even realize the servers have moved.

The AGNPH of current day is now maintained on the new server by Varka. On the 11th of June 2009, the admins stated that the AGNPH gallery was to be shut down permanently due to bandwidth and financial problems, and as of the 12th of June 2009, Eevee has given the site to Varka and was hosting it with Psyco_Charmander. On the 11th of October 2010, Psyco_Charmander stepped down as the lead administrator of AGNPH. He was replaced by Wilon and Flygon.

On the 27th of July 2011, HatchlingByHeart was appointed as a Tech Admin of AGNPH, charged with fixing problems on the website to free Varka of some of the burden. HatchlingByHeart is the first Tech Admin to join the team other then Varka since Char quit the team to start e621.

The admins of AGNPH are currently working on a new version of AGNPH to rid of all it's current technical issues.

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