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A'A'Alis (also known as Akal Ashata Alis, 3A, Triple A, or just Alis) is a furry artist. Her fursona is a red fox.

Alis has been in the furry fandom, in some way, shape, or form, since around 1991. Her first convention was Confurence in 1993 or 1994. She did not attend another convention until 2000, when she was on staff for Further Confusion's Consuite.

In 2010, Alis ceased attending or staffing conventions by personal choice. She has since become a Brony, and while peripherally involved in the local furry community, she is much more focused on the local Brony Community.

She is a founder of BABSCon, and continues to staff said convention under the name 'Diamondia Doodle'. She rarely puts pencil to paper for artwork these days.

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