8-Bitch Fyve

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8-Bitch Fyve is a flash animation created by Misteroo and presented by Disaster Labs in 2005. It was intended to be an Arfenhouse style parody of the 8-Bit Theatre flash animations, specifically the then-unreleased 8-Bit 5. Casting for the animation came mostly from sfnet.


The animation follows the storyline of 8-Bit Theatre following 8-Bit 4. However, being a parody in the Arfenhouse style, the animation features heavy doses of random lines and scenes.


In order of appearance:

  • Black Mage: Played by Seppel and later Alee.
  • Thief: Played by Matt
  • White Mage: Played by Julie
  • Fighter: TheLastRoboky
  • Red Mage: Haze Racoon and Misteroo
  • Tellah: Misteroo

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