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Antilia is a fantasy MMORPG currently in development by Right Brain Games. The game is set in the world of Forra, which is inhabited by several species including the anthropomorphic animal themed Taipii, the dragon-like Hsakanadrynn, and steampunk inspired anthropomorphic rodents called the Reisuii[1]. Its modern incarnation has been under development since 2007[2].

Development status[edit]

A Koro, the deer-like race of Taipii.

As of January 2014, Antilia is a game in alpha release status. It has been open to periodic alpha testing since November 30, 2011[3]. It launched a $120,000 Kickstarter campaign on December 17, 2013 to further game development and push it through beta and to release.[4].


The constant single developer on the Antilia project through its 11 year history has been Jeff Leigh. Its first development attempt was begun in 2002, based on the Ogre engine, and shelved before 2007.

Development on the modern incarnation of Antilia (and the one up for Kickstarter funding) was begun in August 2007 on the Toi game engine (itself developed by Right Brain Games). Jeff worked for Sparkplay, creators of Earth Eternal, for six months in 2008, and had signed an anti-compete agreement which expired 12 months after his departure from the company. Expiration of the agreement allowed him to resume work on Toi and Antilia, as well as to relaunch the website on October 30, 2009[5]. Since that time, Jeff began providing informational blog posts around once a month, with occasional development screenshots and examples of progress[6].

Antilia went through a period of intense feature development during 2011-2012. Much of 2013 was spent making financial preparations for its Kickstarter campaign, running from December 17, 2013 through January 28, 2014[7].


As of January 2014, the Antilia website does not provide detailed information on the game's plot. The setting of the alpha tests is on the Isle of Kasau and the world of the game is known as Forra.[8] On December 31, 2013 the developers broadcast a live stream event in which they described the game's species in more detail, and described the world as having three fundamental forces: magic, dreams, and what was temporarily named 'ether'[9]. It was also suggested by the developers that the overall plot arc would center around the discovery and rescue of additional species on the planet.

Player Species[edit]

A felo character being designed in Antilia's character creator.

As of January 2014, one species, the Taipii, exists in-game. The following races of Taipii are implemented fully[10]:

Players can also mix traits of two of these five races together to create hybrids.

There are two species intended to be implemented in post-release expansions of the game:

  • Reisuii (Rodent)
  • Hsakanadrynn, or Sakii for short (Dragon)

These species will involve fairly radical game-play differences, as the Sakii and Resuii are different in size and technology than the Taipii.

Right Brain Games[edit]

Right Brain Games is an independent computer game company currently consisting of two game developers, Jeff Leigh who produces the software, and Kathryn Crownover (Tettix), the visual artist of the team.

Antilia is being created using the company's own game engine, Toi.


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