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40oz Hyena, real name Mikado Genicera, (born January 8, 1985) is a furry from Littleton, New Hampshire. His fursona is a hyena, and he has been active in the furry fandom since he discovered it on the Internet at the age of thirteen. He has become a very active member of the fandom since then, and is the founding remember of Team Rule 34. He is married to Jaxen Beaver.

40oz Hyena has lived in several places, including Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Vermont, and now lives in Florida as of late 2014.[1] He attends conventions and furry gatherings regularly. He is a musician and has been in the bands Arc of Vomit, The Astro-Bastards, and Shit Fist. He can be spotted at conventions by his tattoos; he is best known for having his namesake, '40oz' tattooed on the knuckles of his left hand and tattooed hyena spots on his back.


40oz Hyena is the alleged leader of the group LOLFurries[2], although he, as well as others, occasionally deny this despite him asserting its updated website, The Furluminati, is his favorite website.[1] There have also been some who claim that 40oz is also a member and/or the leader of an LOLfurries splinter group known as The Infurgency, although 40oz denies these allegations. He has received a large amount of criticism due do his appearance in a mock PSA directed towards babyfurs, with the video getting over 800 views in a few days.[3] 40oz Hyena insists that the video was meant as a joke and not meant to be vitriolic.


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