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2-Way Mirror is a web comic written by Jessica Strub and drawn by J. Kinoshita. This comic can also be called 2 Way Mirror, Two Way Mirror, TWM, or 2WM. It previously featured the Artist Renee when Kinoshita had taken a hiatus.[when?]


2 Way Mirror is the story of a young woman named Anissa, and chronicles the challenges she faces dating from the end of her highschool career and onward. On top of having little in the way of confidence in herself, she has the added complication of a strange power that seems to be building up inside her, one she neither understands nor knows how to control. When she can manage to focus her abilities, however, she also discovers that the more selfishly she uses them the worse the consequences are.


  • Anissa Sandin: She is a domestic cat who had lost her mother at a young age. She's approximately twenty years old, is a wiccan, and is a little overweight. She has this unusual magic power which she does not understand nor know how to control, a power that allows her to see her own mother in a world full of mirrors. And what she doesn't know is that this power is growing stronger. She is Melissa's best friend and is straight. She also is the primary focus of the comic.
  • Melissa Holly: A twenty year old Panther and Anissa's best friend. She's also a wicca and displays bisexual behaviors. But Anissa is often in need of her moral support and she makes it a point to try and drill the fact that she is desirable into her head in subtle ways.
  • Brenton Woods: A nineteen year old squirrel with a Christian upbringing. He is a goth who is attracted to Anissa but his indifferent attitude prevents her from learning about the attraction.
  • Sonya Wilder: Sonya is a twenty-one year old college student and one of Anissa's antagonists. Her species is a rather unlikely hybrid from a Rabbit and a Tiger. She is rather agnostic in the religious sense and very vindictive as well as selfish. Her parents divorced in a conflict borne from Anissa's father suing her own father, which caused this hatred to begin to fester. She is also not afraid to use her sexuality to manipulate men into doing her bidding and as such used that advantage often to get her way. She has likewise cheated her way through high school. Sonya uses every opportunity she can get to make Anissa's life miserable because to her, Anissa deserves anything she gets and blames Anissa's parents for her fragmented life.
  • Hiroki Natsune: A twenty-two year old Red Panda. He is a Christian and a student at Anissa's college. He has a strong work ethic which makes his social and friend-making skills noticeably lacking. He can be scatterbrained at times, but this is because of his diversity in various areas in such a way as to make it hard for him to pick one to concentrate on. He hopes to one day be involved in the entertainment industry.
  • Adam: Quite simply, Adam is the major antagonist of the story. He resembles a human but has pointed ears. He's only found in Anissa's dreamscapes where he often attacks her or antagonizes her. He's a bisexual lout who has no loyalties to any particular thing and is quite sadistic. Literally speaking, he is the spirit of vengeance. He used to serve a master who would call him out of his domain, he noticed that his last caller couldn't keep him in check and has exploited that to gain a measure of freedom. He is not very much straight-up evil since he is only following his nature (to take revenge and love every minute of it) which humanity has given him, but he is consigned to blindly follow his predetermined fate. He had been freed without control and because of this, he is free to explore the amusements of the mortal world. Adam is impossible to harm through normal means, and the only reason he has not killed anyone is because of his sadistic amusement in watching people suffer. Recently, he has taken to Anissa when she crossed into his realm and is only able to torture her in her dreams on certain occasions.

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