2021 Ursa Major Awards

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The 2021 Ursa Major Awards held its third online presentation in as many years on Sunday May 15, 2022. The presentation was hosted by an animated mink voiced by Rod O'Riley.

List of Winners and nominees by category[1][edit]

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Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture[edit]

Best Dramatic Short Work[edit]

Best Dramatic Series[edit]

  • Winner: Helluva Boss (Created by Vivienne Medrano; Season 1 episode 3 to episode 6)
  • Runner up:
    • Beastars, Season 2 (Directed by Shinichi Matsumi; January 7 to March 25)
    • Centaurworld (Created by Megan Nicole Dong; July 30 to December 7)
    • Chikn Nuggit (by Chikn Nuggit; videos January 1 to December 31)
    • Odd Taxi (Directed by Mugi Kinoshita; episode 1 to 13, April 6 to June 29)

Best Novel[edit]

Best Short Fiction[edit]

Best Other Literary Work[edit]

Best Non Fiction Work[edit]

Best Graphic Story[edit]

Best Comic Strip[edit]

Best Magazine[edit]

Best Published Illustration[edit]

  • Winner: Kathy Garrison Kellogg, A World Of Our Own
  • Runners up:
    • Caraid, Ruxa, Patient Professor
    • Lofi, Oh, Well
    • Caraid, Beginnigs
    • Nomax, Brothers

Best Game[edit]

Best Website[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit[edit]


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