2015 Ursa Major Awards

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The 2015 Ursa Major Awards were presented during a May 20, 2016 ceremony at that year's What the Fur.[1] There were 1,157 voters,[2] an approximately 41% decrease from the 2014 awards.[3]

List of winners and nominees by category[edit]

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Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Dramatic Short Work or Series[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Novel[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Short Fiction[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Magazine[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Game[edit]

Best Anthropomorphic Website[edit]


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