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Furry conventions exploded in the 2000's, with over 30 cons starting up. In comparison, the 90's saw 13 cons, all but two of them after 1995.[1] The furry fandom saw a rise in membership both inside and outside the United States. Attitude towards furries on the Internet were mixed in early-mid 2000s, tending toward the negative in 2007 with the "YouTube Furry War".

Years by community[edit]


Initially starting out as Duckon's furry track (1994-1999), Midwest FurFest is launched in Arlington, Illinois, going on to become the third largest furry convention.


Flayrah is launched, becoming the organ or republisher of fandom-related announcements, media references and opinion articles.

Confurence 12 launches what will soon be renamed the Ursa Major Awards.


In 2003, Dr. Samuel Conway (also known as Uncle Kage of Anthrocon) was a guest of honor at the I-CON science fiction and fantasy convention in Stony Brook, New York. His renowned story hour has since become a fixture of the convention through recent years.

The last iteration of Confurence, is held. Being the first furry convention and the longest running of its time, it would not be surpassed in length by any other convention until Eurofurence's sixteenth iteration in 2010.

Also, Festival of the Feral (later known as Oklacon, first for Oklahoma), Rocket City FurMeet (first in Alabama) and FurFright (first for Connecticut) are launched.


Califur is launched to service the Southern California region, becoming the successor convention to Confurence and the second largest in the state beside Further Confusion. Also, Furry Weekend Atlanta begins, becoming the first convention in the state of Georgia.

Yerf, the largest clean furry art gallery, goes down. A sporadic return in 2006 ends within the year, with most having migrated from the site.


On 16 January, The Dragoneer and Alkora launch Fur Affinity as a furry-centric alternative from SheezyArt, going on to become the largest social furry art gallery on the Web.

In May, the first Asian convention, TransFur, is launched in Tokyo.

In June, WikiFur is established by GreenReaper on Wikia. It goes on to be the premier wiki on the furry fandom.


In 2006, at the North American Science Fiction Convention in SeaTac, Washington, the Stalking Cat was one of the notable program participants.

At the 2006 Westercon in San Diego, a 20th anniversary furry party was held.

At the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, California, the Furry Fandom Lounge returned under the organization of Rod O'Riley of the Califur group. The programming track included a furry artist reception and panels ranging from fursuiting basics to the new world of furry webcomics.

Meanwhile, RBW is established as the United Kingdom's first furry convention, going on to become the third largest European convention.

MiDFur, a meet-up which has been taking place since 1999, becomes a full-fledged convention, going on to become the largest convention in the southern hemisphere


Furries Vs. Klingons in Atlanta is first held, resulting in minor media attention.

In the summer, the YouTube Furry War commences, resulting in escalation of hostilities between furries and anti-furries.

Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, an annual tournament for the best fursuits, is launched, as is Rocky Mountain Fur Con (first for Colorado), FA: United (first for New Jersey after ConFurence East) and Brussels Furmeet (first for Belgium).


The English WikiFur reaches 10,000 articles, while the WikiFur project begins its migration to the wikifur.com domain name.

Australia hosted it's first ever Furry Convention, MiDFur, with 127 attendees, a total of $3809 raised for the first Charity Auction (for the RSPCA) and Guests of Honor, 2 Gryphon and Uncle Kage. MiDFur is now the largest Furry and Anthropomorphic friendly convention and event in the Southern Hemisphere, with an average of 400-500 people annually.


In December, FurNation, one of the oldest furry web hosts, is shut down by Nexxus and is replaced soon after with a social networking site under the same brand.

Years by publication[edit]


The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Fur and Loathing" is premiered on CBS in October, resulting in increased media notice of the fandom.


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