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Postfurry MUCK is a MUCK frequented by many postfurries, run by Indi Coyote, Elanna Osprey and Kauko. The MUCK was launched privately in June 2007 under the name 12Fold, to which application was by invitation and referral only.[1]

In October 2013 the service was renamed[2] and moved to port 4444 (SSL: 5555). It is described as a "semi-private [...] roleplay-centric chat server catering to folks who think it's far more fun to be a lava-lamp vixen, squid-otter hybrid, or sentient black hole than just another wolf or lioness."[3]

The original setting was a group of twelve planets, each suited to a particular kink, such as forced transformation, surgery, psychedelia, and hypnosis. It has since been expanded.


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