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0-Singularity was a non-centrally themed MUCK involving socialization and roleplay around furry and non-furry themed zones run by individual players. It was founded in October of 2006 by Yaro and officially opened in February of 2007. Due to a lack of interest, and virtually no playerbase, 0-Singularity was shut down on August 16th, 2007.



  • Sinderea - Science Fiction anthropomorphic theme centered around a planet and surrounding space.
  • Age-Old Stomping Grounds - Dungeons and Dragons themed zone, complete with Dungeons and Dragons rules.
  • Colony - Another Science Fiction anthropomorphic zone, centered around Planet Colony and those that rule it.
  • The Lucky Seven - Tinysex-centered zone. A casino run by a fox.
  • The Pridelands - The Lion King centered zone, limited to Outlands and Pridelands RP, slated to be discontinued upon the release of Yaro's untitled Lion King project.

Failure and Shutdown[edit]

The lack of popularity of the game and the lack of any non-staff players led 0-Singularity to be shut down by its headwizard, Yaro, as of August 2007.

Many elements from 0-Singularity are going to appear in the upcoming Whispers of the Galaxy MUCK, including Sinderea and Planet Colony, along with many characters and story aspects from the science fiction-based zones.

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