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Russian WikiFur
Author(s) Bureaucrats: EvilCat
Administrators: Cubbi, Hayao Yokogawa, Leo_Rex, MDM, NightFox, Shnatsel, SilverShine, Wesha, OckhamTheFox (24 Sep 2008 - 1 Oct 2009), Jazz (30 Mar 2009 - 4 Sep 2016), Lis755 (8 May 2009 - 4 Sep 2016), x-demon (2008 - 4 Sep 2016)
Launch date 24 September 2008
End date Ongoing
Article count 6000+ (as of 11 2021)
Genre Encyclopedia

The Russian WikiFur (ВикиФур) is the Russian-language edition of WikiFur.


The Russian WikiFur was one of the first, alongside the Spanish WikiFur, to be launched exclusively on the domain, and is also, statistically, the fastest growing in article count. By March 14, 2010, the Russian article count numbered over 1000 (the 1000th article being Пинки и Брейн, or Pinky and the Brain), the first non-English WikiFur edition to cross that threshold.[1] By September 2011 it has passed 2000 articles. By April 2013 it has passed 3000 articles. By 03-2015 it has passed 4000 articles. By 07-2016 it has passed 5000 articles. By 11-2021 it has passed 6000 articles.


The Russian WikiFur's rules were translated from English version, and the rule "You are the best judge of [what is related to furry community]" fully applies to the Russian version. Only a small part of Russian furry community contributes regularly, so there is more tolerance for coverage of non-fandom anthro topics. Some of the most detailed articles describe topics not prominently featured in furry fandom, such as mainstream anthropomorphic races and characters; others describe borderline anthropomorphics, such as mythological creatures and monsters from RPGs. Otherkin, therian and dragons are considered sister-communities, and related articles are welcome.

There are fewer articles on people compared to English WikiFur.[2] Most non-species articles have one main author, usually the creator, with others only making minor changes or expanding a little.[citation needed] Due to article count, there are a lot of red links; some of them are superscripted with links to Wikipedia instead of direct linking, to encourage new contributions.

In the summer of 2011, Russian WikiFur users has reached a consensus on the new policy about articles on people and communities. Before that, there was no exclusion policy, except for personal info exclusion by request, and no notability criteria. The new policy states that if a person is not notable ("notable" meaning that their actions affected many people), then that person can self-exclude using a simple procedure. They can also exclude specific non-notable facts from the article about themselves. Another topic governed by the policy is interpretations and coverage of conflicts: the requirements for proof and tone became more strict. The policy relieved the insecurity that a part of the community was feeling toward the WikiFur, and put an end to several ongoing exploits.[citation needed]


Initially the category structure was the same as in English WikiFur, but it had some revisions. Due to Russian linguistics, articles about characters, races and people are placed in collective species categories (such as "Wolves", "Bats", etc.)[3]. They are differentiated by additional categories. Articles about movies, novels, games and other works are categorized by prominent species (sometimes several). Articles that describe characters (except for people) or something with characters have "character type" template that puts a bodytype icon in the top right corner (such as "anthro", "toon" or "mythological"); it also places the article in a related category.


There is a Portal namespace. As of July 2011, it contained one portal, on Felidae, which had an automatic "Article of the day" block and sorted lists of felidae-related articles (such as "People with jaguar fursonas", "Novels with felidae", "Fictional felidae species").


  1. Russian WikiFur passes 1000-article mark, by GreenReaper to   wikifur
  2. As of July 2010, there are about 6300 articles on people to 12 700 article count in English WikiFur (50%); there are 307 articles on people to 1218 article count in Russian WikiFur (25%)
  3. This is also true for Polish WikiFur, due to similarities between languages.

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