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^..^James as Cave Ferret wearing the #1000 Dorsai cattle ear tag at Anthrocon in 2010.

^..^James (or James; born January 26, 1983) is an amateur fursuiter from Randallstown, Maryland, U.S.A. His fursona is a black-footed ferret.

^..^James' ferret partial fursuit was created by FurBriCations in Orlando, Florida and auctioned March 2010 on FurBid by LazyWolfCreations.[1] He has fursuited since May 2010 as the Ferret at the Furst State’s Furbowl 16 and 17, and various conventions and functions. On June 26, 2010, ^..^James paraded as Cave Ferret at Anthrocon. On November 20, 2010, ^..^James paraded as Santa Ferret at Midwest Furfest.

The ^..^ symbol, depicting a pair of eyes between a pair of pointed ears, means "I'm all ears and eyes!" and often appears in a logo on his badges and fursuit shirt.

Dorsai cattle ear tag auction[edit]

On June 27, 2010, ^..^James acquired the last Dorsai Irregulars' fursuit cattle tag at the Anthrocon charity auction benefiting the Fayette Friends of Animals shelter in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.[2] The tag was purchased for $1,600, making it the most expensive auction item sold at an Anthrocon chartity auction.[3]


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