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'Souls RPG (soulsrpg.com) is an online wolf and werewolf roleplaying forum established in November 2001.[1][2] It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have been extinct for the past 22 years. It features werecanines (werewolves, werecoyotes, and any creature of the genus Canis) as well as regular canines. The forum plot diverges from historical timelines in 1988, after which point, canines "found themselves with the ability to shapeshift from their natural form to a humanoid two-legged form with dangerous, cat-like claws."[2]

Game History[edit]

'Souls was established on November 18, 2001 under the name Bleeding Souls. It was a predominantly wolf roleplaying forum; since then, it has evolved into becoming a predominantly werewolf rpg.[2] 'Souls was initially hosted on Ezboard from 2001 to March 2007, but then moved to a self-hosted InvisionPowerBoard (IPB) in March 2007. In October 2012, the forum moved to phpBB.[3]

In Character Plot[edit]

The In Character (IC) plot at 'Souls is freeform in the sense that there is no ongoing board-wide plot.[2] However, the site is founded upon one major event in history: the spread of a virus which subsequently wiped out the majority of humanity:

'Souls RPG
Near the end of the Cold War, scientists in Southern California completed a project which took nearly two decades of research. Their sole end was to create a genetic modification in the human body-- a supersolider. Their work included splicing human DNA with the DNA of wolves, big cats, and other dangerous animals. Their project's end work included a man able to withstand a spray of bullets, run up walls, and clear jumps as high as twenty feet. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The man they turned into a superhuman became contaminated with a highly contagious virus, and the virus, nicknamed "Z456" copied itself and absorbed some of the superhuman's DNA, and spread quickly. This virus caused most humans which came in contact with it to die within three days. In six months, the human population was decimated. Government efforts to contain the virus failed miserably, and ninety-seven percent of the human population died of Z456. Only scattered remnants of humans remain in isolated corners of the world (Brazil, Russia, and the United States), and most of the rest of the world became desolated wasteland. Within ten years, however, the animals began to take back the world. Some animals even reacted well to the virus. The animal to most profit from Z456 were those of the genus Canis—the wolves, dogs, and coyotes. These animals gained the ability to shapeshift from their four-legged form to a humanoid two-legged form with dangerous, cat-like claws and heightened senses.[2]
'Souls RPG


'Souls picks up after the humans' demise. Originally, the RPG was set in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. However, in April 2008, a character set fire to a portion of the territory and the fire eventually consumed most of the packlands.[4] Following this, the setting of the RPG shifted to the northern Nova Scotian peninsula. Over the years, it gradually opened up and on December 26, 2011, it opened up to include a part of New Brunswick as playable territory.[5] In December 2013, Prince Edward Island was opened up as a playable region.[6]

The Werewolves[edit]

The werewolves at 'Souls are called the luperci, named after the Roman luperci, or "brothers of the wolf."[7] All luperci have three forms: their regular wolf form (lupus), halfling form (secui) and full werewolf form (optime). Canines are either born as a Luperci (luperci ortus) or changed into a luperci (luperci verto).[8]

All luperci have slightly longer lives than regular wolves. However, both have a relatively short infancy and life as a youth in comparison to humans and mature quickly afterwards.[9]


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