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'Bay was an anthropomorphic leopard depicted in a painting in the pilot episode of Kaze: Ghost Warrior. 'Bay's gender is not identified in the episode, and the creator of the episode (and upcoming prequel feature movie and series) himself stated at Conifur 2004 that he is not certain whether 'Bay is male or female. Though it was hinted in Albee's FA journal that 'Bay was based on himself and that he possibly identifies as a transwoman.

'Bay was a member of the Royal Family, the very last to be murdered by unknown assassins. 'Bay was much adored in the kingdom (or so claims Itsua). 'Bay was in love with the then young Captain of the House Guard, Kaze. 'Bay's death troubles Kaze greatly, the revelation of a painting of 'Bay carefully secreted and locked away by Itsua in the back room of his tavern nearly bringing Kaze to tears on the spot. Indeed, later that night, in an empty field, Kaze is in tears, huddled over, crying "I'm so sorry..." indicating he blames himself for 'Bay's death and feels he failed 'Bay.