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The "reindeer man" is a mysterious figure in a reindeer fursuit active in the village of Darbu in the municipality of Øvre Eiker, Norway.

Reindeer Man's modus operandi is to sneak into a person's private garden and sit in a camping chair, reading a book or newspaper. An accomplice takes a polaroid photograph of the spectacle, which is then left in the homeowner's letterbox. As of mid-September, seven people have been visited by the curious reindeer and media attention has fuelled speculation on his/her identity and purpose.

Håvard Fiskum, the recipient of one of the photographs, believed that the "reindeer man" was actually a woman, based upon the size and posture of the figure. This theory was backed up after local newspaper Drammens Tidende published photographs of the reindeer, and, examining the pictures closely, one reader noticed the figure appeared to be wearing high-heeled shoes. Subsequently, local radio station Kanal24 was contacted by a woman claiming to be the reindeer's accomplice, stating that the reindeer was a female art student. This would suggest that the reindeer's mysterious visits are a form of performance art.

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