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Front cover of "Furry"ness

"Furry"ness is the title of a novel written and self-published by Skye the sea otter in 2005.

The back-cover blurb explains the plot:

In today's society there are many different cultures of people. One such group of people is known as "furries". They have a great interest in animals of different kinds.

Two "furries" Scott and Jessica, go to the annual midwest MidFur convention with great hopes that they will have a fun time with the rest of the furries going there. The only problem is, someone is ready to write a defacating book about the "furry" culture.

Only after the convention does anyone find out that furries have been exposed to the world as sick perverts and there is little the "furries" can do to destroy the negative image.

Unless Scott and Jessica can pull down the curtain on the antifur before the virus of a book spreads to the whole world, they may have to say goodbye to the furry culture forever