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Zyklon is a furry artist from Eastern Europe who lives in the United States. His character is a "leucistic" white alligator.

Zyklon joined the fandom in August of 2007 and gained quick popularity with the community. A recent[when?] art auction topped $1,000 before ending, and, during Anthrocon 2008, his 3' wide painting titled 'Soldier in the Flower Field' was awarded 'Chairman's Choice' by Uncle Kage.

Zyklon specializes in drawing semi-realistic scalies and furries with a variety of media, often in historical or war-themed situations. Despite the persistant Nazi fur characters on his Fur Affinity page, Zyklon has made it clear to fans that he is not a real-life Nazi sympathizer. Zyklon is an admin on Encyclop√¶dia Dramatica.[citation needed]

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