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Zuzu sketch by Grion (2014)

Zuzu (born November 25)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Budapest, Hungary.[1]

He joined the Hungarian furry community in November, 2013, with his life- and soul-mate, JazzBadger.


Zuzu's fursona is an anthropomorphic wolfroo (a hybrid of wolf and kangaroo). He is mainly colored blue, white, and black, with a white "Z-@" mark on his back. He has long kangaroo ears, a long kangaroo tail, wolf teeth, and big wolf paws.


Zuzu started a fursuit-making project with JazzBadger in November, 2013. Zuzu's fursuit was finished in June, 2014,[2] whilst JazzBadger's was finished in July, 2014.[3]

Their first fursuit attendance together was at the Hungarian Mondocon in July, 2014.

Zuzu started a new fursuit-making project in December, 2015. The Felix Stripes fursuit was finished in July, 2016.[4]

Conventions and meets[edit]

Zuzu has attended Eurofurence 20 (2014), Eurofurence 21 (2015), Eurofurence 22 (2016), Eurofurence 23 (2017)..

He also attended the following meets and cons in Hungary: Budapets meet in Budapest in 2014. Winterfurs meeet in 2022 and 2023. Furdance Budapest in 2022.


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