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Zutharr (on right), a commission by Guil Bunny

Zutharr SuiTiger (born March 2, 1983) is a Brazilian fursuiter, artist, and fursuit maker. He is from Mairiporã, São Paulo, Brazil, but is known to work at both, Brazil and Japan, though spends most of his time at Brazil.

Zutharr's main fursona is a light-blue tiger with red stripes. He also has other fursonas; Flen, a black, grey, and white wolf, is the most popular.

[edit] Fandom activities

Zutharr has been involved in the furry fandom since 2007. He takes art and fursuit commissions, and is considered the most popular[citation needed] Brazilian fursuiter.

Zutharr is mated to Zenun, another fursuiter. Since around 2010, Zutharr has been on some television shows and reports about furries, mainly on the Brazilian TV station Globo.

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