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Zuki's Dreadlocked Gargoyle Fursona as done by Malachai
Zuki's Gladiator Wolf Fursona, as done by Heather Bruton

Zuki (born August 24, 1969) is a Discordian, writer, Internet DJ and Roleplay gamer located in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Previously known as Godzuki, initially inspired by a character from the 80's Godzilla cartoon, the God was dropped in favour of the nickname Zuki which most referred to him as anyway. The final change occurring after he arrived on Second Life.

Real Life[edit]

Zuki was born in Coventry, United Kingdom, received an Honors Degree in Information Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University and a Masters degree in Software engineering at Teesside University.

Zuki has been interested in anthropomorphic art since childhood and became a resident on Furcadia around 1997, later being active on Tapestries MUCK, IRC and Dark Metal before moving to Second Life. He worked as a Guardian on Furcadia and was a founding member of The Beat radio station there. He can also be found as Zuki Akula on Second Life where he was a DJ for Rainbow Tiger, Dragon Spire and AnthroXtacy.

Fur conventions he has attended include Anthrocon,Further Confusion, Eurofurence, RBW, ConFuzzled, Furry Fiesta and Fur Fright and is sometimes seen at London Furmeets. Zuki's writing has appeared in the RBW 2007 conbook with the story "Breaking In the New Guy".


Zuki's wolf and gargoyle fursonas on a badge by Sangluna
Commission for Zuki by Jocasta

His fursonas are a yellow wolf with green hair, and a dreadlocked horned gargoyle. Among his other retired fursonas are a vampire bat, Ethen DeLance, and a loud mouthed ferret, Samuel L Furson. A Fursuit version of his gargoyle character made by Leopardcorgi debuted at Eurofurence 13. Another fursuit of Zuki's gargoyle character was made by Clockwork Creature Studio.[1] His wolf character was made into a fursuit by Beetlecat in 2010[2], debuting at Anthrocon 2010. He also owns a latex partial made by Deezleberries, Ashram a psychadelic hippy dragon character. [3]


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