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Zorro Re

Zorro Re (real name Sergio Re; born July 2, 1978 in Rosario), is an Argentinian furry artist. Having formerly lived in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz for ten years, he later relocated back to Rosario, where he currently resides. He is also the founder of the Unión Furry Argentina as well as coordinator for the sci-fi convention Leyendas.

The name Zorro Re is a combination of his last name, Re, with "Zorro", an appellation he got in high school the middle of 1992, reinforced by the finding of his art by peers and to his fursona, which was inspired by the main character in the Disney film Robin Hood.

He is nowadays working with his art, in the elaboration of comics, commercials, editorials (both independent and in web format); book covers, illustrations and commissions; and, in small measure, the design of mascots and logos. In addition, he was also involved in the organization of UFAcon and used to help with Animales Sueltos.


Ever since he felt an attraction to the anthropomorphic genre, he has seen classic series of this genre which are popular in the United States, principally.

Partly because his drawing of Rosie O'Gravy from Dog City resulted in something quite distinct from the original character, Zorro dubbed his drawing as "Victoria" on May 7, 1993, thus creating his first distinct character. He later drew fan drawings of characters from Robin Hood, SWAT Kats, Dinosaucers, Bucky O'Hare, Mighty Ducks, Samurai Pizza Cats and the Sonic franchise.

Fandom involvement[edit]

His first attempts to expose the furry in their local jurisdictions not well received due to mature touch Zorro had given children's media characters.

Their greater contact with the furry was through the few comics of the genre that came to town. Contacted by regular mail to the authors and publishers who appeared in such journals as well as event organizers furry of America; going to use email and show their pictures on the front pages of furry content, as GateKat and VCL FurNation was still at a preliminary.


Until then I had accomplished much in his career as a cartoonist, even in a workshop of animation, there seems no progress despite their attempts. However, on a Friday in 1999, while leafing through the newspaper, found the notice of the first edition of Legends, an event dedicated to the cartoon, science fictionand RPGs, to be held this same weekend. In that event became involved in independent environment of the city, seeing that stretched across most of the country was contacted and then was associated with AHI (Association of Independent cartoonists). There he met several desktop publishers who gave a hand and taught him best ways to publicize their work, which allowed that year arose the # 1 COAS - Turbo Furry, originally the name would change for the better, but being a comic that he came from 12 years developing, preferred to retain the name you had at that age. By joining the AHI, could also be part of the organization of Legends, joining as coordinator of the design and assembly of the event from the second edition.

Mephit Furmeet[edit]

That same year, after having kept in touch with the organizers of one of the furry conventions, Zorro Re decided to travel and see the place where this movement was generated and to learn even more about this: he attended the third Mephit Furmeet, held in Memphis, Tennessee. The convention enriched environment, knowing events like Den of merchants, lectures, workshops and the classic fursuit DESFIL. He also had the opportunity to meet GrowlTiger (President of the convention at the time) and environmental celebrities like Carole and Mike Curtis, founders of Shanda Fantasy Arts and creators of Shanda the Panda, Kathmandu and many other books, the group of Radio Comix, a Joe Rosales, Eric W. Schwartz, Shawntae Howard, Max Blackrabbit, among others. Your convention experience was excellent given the good reception he had from individuals like Adam Dillard and Matt J. McCullar. These trips continued for two years, attending in 2000 and 2001, to the fourth and fifth installment of this convention, respectively. At such times took a more active role Cubil participating merchants.

He soon be attracted also by the creation of fursuits, beginning to experience the early 2000s, taking his first fursuit ready for the 2nd edition of Legends, which was used in all events where possible. As the years went by he learned more things and could create a second fursuit better than the last, which is currently used, although a third is in progress.

Furry Union Argentina[edit]

Also in 1999 comes online ZorroRe personal site and gravitated more orderly their work, ideas and projects, adding to the sites where they kept publishing his art. The personal site began to spread faster than I thought, gradually started to get more contacts and first met another furry Argentine Fire the Huskie, although he was living in the U.S. since a few years ago. Others were popping up across town and several more of Buenos Aires: Zero, Zeth and Braford. Seeing that little by little the number increased, the idea resurfaces that Fox was dragging for a while, creating a place where they could meet and then contact among all who wish to do so. Thus it is that in 2001, along with Paul Caminos, create the UFA (Union Furry Argentina).

The name, Pablo idea arises by a conversation late at night with Fox, where a lack of something useful to do had engaged in brainstorming to create initials. After hours of wasted time, the latter writes "ufa...." in the conversation, simply boring and hence the first comes up with the idea of ​​Union Furry Argentina. A Fox was impressed with the idea and from this began the formation of the community.

Sometime after the creation of the UFA, which consisted of patenting and operate their own website, this begins to show off at a fairly rapid, appearing more and more furries in the territory, that's when Fox decides to try to bring a bit of furry United States to Argentina, creating the UFACon, furry first meeting in Argentina. In 2003 during the Legends event, you create this first meeting involving furry furries from around the country, which has grown over the years getting more and more competition and most activities.

Seeing that this move will be successful, decides to bring an idea of ​​Canada, furry camp known as Feral Camp, which is just beginning to see the light in 2004 in the form of UFAcamp, when doing a test this pilot with Grey Cat in Mar del Plata, which is held every summer with Fox and organizing logistics collaboration TimoLobo and Jack Gray, both residents.


Although most of his work is independent or product commissions by individuals, Zorro Re is recognized for his contributions to Softpaw Magazine and its variant, Finding Avalon. Nationwide has authored COAS from the first issue and is working on the seventh, the numbers 1 to 3 of Hairy X, Pocket Party , a comic with members of the UFA and the AHI in Super deformed and independent comic anthology, the latter.

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